Weekend with Grandma

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Meet Judith. This girl is very close to her grandmother. She loves her grandmother very much, she appreciates her as well, so their relationship really close. The granddaughter shares her thoughts with her loving grandma, who is actually a very good friend of her. Judith uses every free time that she has, to visit her grandmother and spend some quality time with her.Judith’s grandmother lives in a village. The life there differs from the everyday life that Judith has, so she comes in this village often. She enjoys the nature, enjoy the quiet life, including the time spend with her grandma. Judith has decided to spend this weekend with her grandmother. She likes to enjoy, chatting with her grandma, but also, she would like to help her with her responsibilities around the house.Let’s meet those two ladies and help them with the house. You will learn something about the life in the village, so have fun and enjoy your stay there. You might find the life in the village very interesting.

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