Caught in a Nightmare

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We may control our reality in some manner or we think that we control it but when it comes to our dreams, it might be very difficult and complicated. According to some, our dreams are reflection of our reality or something that we keep deep in ourselves but sometimes it seems that dreams exist on their own, without any connection to what happens to us every day.And while some dreams are pleasant, other dreams could be terrible and we like to wake up from them as soon as possible, being thankful that nothing we have dreamed was true. Lauren is dreaming the strangest dream ever; a dream that makes her very scared and confused.She is consciously stuck in a nightmare and she can\'t wake up from it. She likes to open her eyes and wake up but she is stuck in that castle of fear. It seems that the only way to escape from there is to find out all the dream catchers in the castle. Only that way she could wake up from the nightmare, hoping that her next dream won\'t be similar to this one... It would be nice if we help Lauren have peaceful dreams again.

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