Pharaohs Gems

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There are many stories about ancient Egypt. Most of us don\'t know many of those stories, but people who are adventurous and interested in Egyptian culture and the mysteries associated with it, know the details of what happened there in the past. Ahmed is one of those people who likes adventure and likes to visit new places all the time. The legends are the thing that moves him. He hears about something interesting, explores the subject in detail, and starts his new journey. That\'s what happened in the last case. Ahmed comes to the famous Cheops pyramid with the only aim, to find the hidden precious stones that belonged to the pharaoh. Well, that is a very serious and big mission, but Ahmed is willing to take the chance and see if he will find something. Let\'s follow this interesting story together with Ahmed and find out if the story about the pharaoh\'s gems is true or not. We will search around the Cheops Pyramid which means that we, together with Ahmed, will have an adventure of a lifetime!

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