Desert Curse

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Kevin is an archeologist who is in love with the Egyptian culture. At this moment he actually is in Egypt where near the Pyramid of Cheops, he discovers new graveyard. Kevin is now excited for this new discovery, but very soon he finds out from the local people that that place was cursed and that each one who will enter will be cursed himself.And, if professionals in this field give up easily, what would that situation be? Who will gain the most? No one, is the answer. And now, Kevin\'s curiosity is even bigger, it\'s even bigger than anything possible and he enters inside, but promises that he is not going to take anything from there. He is a professional guy who only wants to ensign all that\'s inside.Because science must notify, must prepare documents about important things that will stay for the future and for the next generations. That\'s why Kevin must have the support. He is a good guy in this story. So, let\'s do anything needed to help him enter this graveyard and do what it is needed for the science matter.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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