The alchemyst's materials

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In the world and the time where we live, it seems that the alchemists are just part of the legends. You know what we are talking about, right? Those people who can turn metal into gold, or who are able to create an elixir of immortality; as well as remedies able to cure any disease. Some people like to convince us that they can do those things but yet, in the end, it appears that it is just a legend, at least that is what we know... Grace has heard that still there is one more alchemist in the world. She is excited about that idea, so she starts a search for the secret materials of this alchemist. Grace arrives in one abandoned property where it is assumed that the alchemist has stayed for a longer period and where he was performing his experiments. Actually, Grace\'s biggest wish is to become an alchemist one day and she believes that finding those materials will help her on her way.We will also find out something more about alchemy in this game, so let\'s see what is expecting Grace in the property of the alchemist.

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