Gardens of Shadows

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Do you possibly know where is located the scariest place on Earth?! Have you ever heard about the Gardens of shadows? Well this place is known as the scariest place on Earth and Sarah lives exactly on the place where her Kingdome borders with this place. Aside from this place, everyone lives good in Sarah’s Kingdome and Sarah likes to be like that forever.She likes to beat those shadows that live here once and for all because they are threatening that they will destroy everything that is good in the Kingdome. Sarah, together with Karen and Nancy, who are Sarah’s like-minded and have their own powers, will try to save the Kingdome.Nancy has this special power to see the shadows on a day light, so that way they will know exactly if some shadow is near them. That way Sarah, Karen and Nancy will be safe on their way and will have more chances to win this war with the shadows. That will mean that they will continue to live in their Kingdome as it was before, without any troubles and influence from the scariest place on Earth.

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