Mystery Fish

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Fishing can be a huge passion for some people. As a matter of fact, it is a very nice hobby that gives excitement and relaxation, but also it encourages a competitive spirit between the fishermen since we all know that usually their aim is to catch a bigger fish.From that urge come those numerous legends about different gigantic fishes, caught on unusual places. Then those stories about so-called fights with the fishes that were very naughty and gave incredible resistance. Many of those stories are true, but another fact is that the fishermen sometimes know to exaggerate things, a bit, or even a lot!Donald is a passionate fisherman. He travels all around the world with intention to catch fish. He goes everywhere, leaded by the stories about certain place with amazing nature and a lot of fish. This time he has heard a legend that comes from the Bahamas. Namely, few fishermen have noticed a mysterious fish, a fish no one has seen before, but a fish that seems so amazing. And no one managed to catch this fist, but Donald thinks that he could be the one that will do that.

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