Christmas Presents

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Giving is one of the acts that give us most pleasure. Knowing that someone has got something that he/she needed, something that the person could not afford to buy on himself or giving something that could surprise the one that gets is, makes us really happy. Giving also includes receiving and all of that makes Christmas probably the most beautiful holiday in the year.The young girl Susan, together with her mother and father, make the last preparations for Christmas. Susan, like most of the children, adores Christmas. During the whole year, Susan have been preparing the presents her close ones, but now it is the moment when she has to find all those presents and pack them in wonderful Christmas themed paper for decoration.This is the part from the holiday that Susan loves most, but she also adores receiving presents, like every other child. Now Susan is looking for those presents, but we could help her a bit, so she could find the presents faster, so she could have enough time for decoration.

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