Treasure Expedition

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Following certain information about hidden treasures has left many people lost somewhere in a certain place. The maps about treasure could be real but many times they are not. They like to lead the ones that follow them into wrong direction or they are simply a part of a legend, nothing real or existing.Laura has been also following a story about a certain forbidden island. What is that special about this island, you may ask? Well, this island is the place where the sea witch Anna keeps the forgotten treasure. According to the stories and the rumors about this treasure, Anna will give this treasure only to the person that will answer all the riddles given by the witch and will finish all the given tasks on time.This may sound easy, some may consider themselves smart enough for every riddle and strong for every task, but actually there is a huge risk in this situation. If the person doesn\'t manage to answer the task, witch Anna will captivate him or her on this island forever! Let\'s help Laura in her treasure expedition and make sure she doesn\'t end up captivate in the forbidden island.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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