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Everything that surrounds us can inspire us to do something. Sometimes is someone’s word that triggers inspiration, sometimes it comes from somewhere deep inside us, or it comes from something simple like smell, savor, even change of the weather. Books can also make huge changes in us. We discover a whole new inner world, similar or completely different from ours, that makes us think and reconsider our lives, inspires us to do something, to go somewhere…The adventurers Amanda and George are deeply moved by a book they have read. It is about a book written by the famous writer Patrick Wilson, who in his book talks about a mountain that hides one of the biggest treasures in the world. Leaded by this book, Amanda and George came to the mountain Worwin.They are there at this moment, so let’s see what is it about. Are the claims in the book true or maybe it’s just about a story, a simple fiction? Maybe this book can inspire you to search about the mentioned mountain? We will find out very soon.

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