Beyond Mountains

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Kayla wants mountains, she loves the silence that mountains and that ambiance gives to people. Is there a better place where one can find silence and peace. And knowing that you are on a height that not a lot of people can afford to be, you see the world from above, that gives you such a feeling of being one of the few. One of the chosen, just kidding.Kayla has always wondered what\' actually behind the mountains that are near her house. One weekend she decides to go for a small adventure. She takes her hiking carry on and starts the adventure. Most of all she wants to see what lies behind the other side of the mountain. There Kayla discovers wonderful landscapes and mysterious places. Kayla is very happy and starts to explore the area.But, because mountains aren\'t at all simple places, Kayla off course needs your help. And we are sure you will be there for her. Because, mountains aren\'t places that one should go on his own. It takes an experienced partner so that there will be no problems and life threatening situations. No, one wants that, isn\'t it?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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