Hidden Pearls

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All royal families are rich, they gain a lot of treasure from everywhere. They conquer other people, other countries, to have more and more. And all the royal members want to safe it for themselves. But, because human kind can\'t be saved from greedy, it is normal that someone would dare to still all the gold, pearls and all the precious things that could be found in the royal place. There are these people who love to go deep into the unknown, to the places where not too many people have gone. They believe in justice and in the fact that everything should be found on a place where it belonged.We are introducing you the star of today game. Amy is treasure hunter. It is not just an usual treasure, but it is a one that is hidden deeply into the ocean. After exploring it for a long time, she discovers location where precious pearls could be hidden. They were taken a century ago from the royal family. Now she starts her adventure. We are promising you interesting adventure that you would not want to end ever.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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