The House of Collusion

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Today we witness a cyber attack. Despite the prevalence of cyber attacks, some data suggests that 99 percent of enterprises are not effectively protected. A cyber attack is a strike against a computer system, network, or internet-enabled application or device. Hackers use a variety of tools to launch attacks, including malware, ransom ware, exploit kits, and other methods. However, cyber attacks are preventable.Roger and Olivia are detectives who are specialized in cases related to state security. They found out that in one house in their city, a group of criminals plan an attack on the country\'s security system. They intend to exploit vulnerabilities on computers and other devices in order to weaken the position of the mayor. The cyber criminals’ ultimate goal is mayor\'s resignation from office effective immediately.Roger and Olivia are arriving at the house with their team in order to prevent this attack. They will do anything to consolidate infrastructure of multiple security layers and we are here to help them deal with this sophisticated criminals.

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