Killer in Disguise

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It is awful when something from outside, that seems that doesn’t have any connection with you, ruins something that you’ve been building for many years. It’s about that hotel that has been always full, running just great… Something unusual and undesired has changed all things to worse, even closed the hotel for a certain period of time, or maybe forever. After those happenings, who knows if people will have the courage to come here again…The three detectives Albert, Doris and Janice, arrive at the hotel where unfortunately, have been fewer murders during the last month. Because of that, the hotel has been closed at the moment and the investigation is taking place there. The investigators are looking for a trace, for some object that could be used as an evidence for the case. They hope that they will find evidences that will help them find out the one who has been responsible for all those murders.Let’s take a look at the place of the crime scene together and see if we could notice something suspicious or find some concrete evidences that will help in the situation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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