Echoes of Disaster

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We often hear about viruses escaping from laboratories, disasters caused by toxic substances intentionally released into the air, and similar other disasters caused consciously by human factors. Sometimes these things happen really by accident and sometimes intentionally, but in both cases the caused damage is enormous. Victoria and Henry are researchers who, together with their team, came to an abandoned suburb in which a huge disaster happened. Three years ago, toxic liquids were released from a local factory in this suburb, and the suburb was completely evacuated. The fact is that these substances were released there, but it is still not known what exactly happened, who caused this disaster, and whether it was intentional or perhaps accidental. No one lives here anymore, but is there a human factor behind all this, someone who might have wanted to evict the people? Victoria and Henry are ready to investigate the terrain, to find out as quickly as possible what caused this terrible disaster.

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