Polar Mystery

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Alexis and her family live in a place that is very beautiful but it is very cold. The winters here are not as the winters in the places where most of us live, but it\'s about a true polar cold. However, they love their life here, having in mind that the air is always fresh and clean, while the nature around is amazing, offering sights that can\'t be seen on any other place.On the other hand, even though it is that beautiful, it is not always safe to be here. No, it\'s nothing about criminals or so, but the weather The nightс in winter are extremely cold and it\'s very easy something bad to happen, like life-threatening accidents... That\'s why Alexis is so worried right now.Namely, her father went on a walk in the close forest this morning, and he has not returned home, yet. In the forest is even colder and anything could happen to him. Even though it is a big risk for Alexis, she decided that she should search for her father, no matter what! Let\'s help Alexis face the challenges that will come in front of her in the forest and solve this polar mystery.

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