Castle of Fear

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The knight Victoria has a task to get to the king’s palace. She has to get there very soon but there is one problem. The road that leads there is too long so she has to find a place to sleep during the night. You might think that this would be little bit scary for a girl, but just to remind you, we are talking about a brave knight, not an ordinary girl.While walking around and looking for a place to sleep, Victoria gets to an abandoned castle that seems to be a perfect opportunity to spend the night. However, sometimes things are not as they seem. Very soon the brave knight Victoria realizes that this castle is not like every other castle but it is about the famous castle of fear. We should also be very brave and face this unusual situation. Our knight is very brave but maybe she would need our help in dealing with this situation since it’s the castle of fear we are talking about, probably one of the scariest places around. Are you prepared to take a look at this unusual place?

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