Almanac of the Ghost

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Detective Tyler and his colleagues, Maria and Frank, have been called by mister Larry because he suspects that his property is often a target of certain robbers. Mister Larry assumes that those robbers have visited his property many times because many times he has noticed that certain objects are not on their place. It seems like someone spends time there, \'playing\' around but ho could be that impudent?! The situation was not something that Larry could deal with so he called the detectives to help him solve the whole situation.The detectives arrive at mister Larry’s property. They look around, paying attention of all possible traces and evidences that could help them about the case. However, after a while, the whole case gets completely different dimension.Namely, Detective Tyler and his colleagues Maria and Frank, very soon realize that this place is not a target for the robbers but a perfect play to stay for a certain ghost! Yes, you read right, this adventure turns into something scarier, but are you prepared to face a real ghost?

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