Beat Cops

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Maybe you haven\'t heard about the term beat cops, but that doesn\'t surprise us that much because it refers to something that was typical for the 19th century, not so much for today. It is about a police man that \'walks the beat\' on the streets which means generally he patrols the streets on foot. Based on traditional policing, he uses the close connection with the community members inside the assigned beat to support police efficiency and boost cooperative efforts to make a safer community.The policewoman Laura and the policeman Larry are Beat Cops which means that they take a patrol only on a particular location and they control only that location. Their team is consisted of their colleagues but also they include the neighbors that live on that location, not any people, but people they could trust in.And there are completely quiet and peaceful nights in that neighborhood but we can\'t say the same for tonight. Namely, there is something suspicious happening on the territory controlled by the two cops. Let\'s see together what is it about. Maybe we will be useful for them, of course, if we gain their trust and if they let us work with them.

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