Royal Magicians

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Entertaining the king is very important thing because sometimes if he isn\'t satisfied enough, that could interfere the way he rules with the whole Kingdome. At least that is something we have heard in the stories about kings who are usually described as rather picky and sometimes even spoiled, assuming that they have so much power or with other words, they have everything they want.The elf named Vigilant, together with Nivar and Enthea, arrives at the royal castle. Those three are actually a group of magicians that have been invited by the king to come in his home. But they are not just guests there. The king has invited them to entertain him for his birthday so now the royal magicians have to prepare their act for tonight.They will prepare the whole choreography but first of all, they would need to find all the necessary objects, required for that act. Now let\'s see how those professionals work. We will learn many things about magic by helping them prepare their performance and of course, helping them find the needed objects.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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