Soulmates Journey

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Do you believe in soulmates? That seems similar to being asked if you believe in God because there are also numerous theories about what a soul mate is. Some associate it with fatal love, some with partnership... Anyway, Valentine\'s Day is near, so let\'s recap a bit romantically, shall we? Nicholas is madly in love with his girlfriend Amy and does everything to make her feel beautiful and secure in their love. After falling in love, Nicholas decided to surprise his girlfriend Amy and rented a beautiful villa where he spent a few days in a romantic atmosphere. Amy is excited about that. She also believes that she and Nicholas are soulmates and that this will be one of the best moments in their relationship. Every opportunity to be alone together is a way to deepen their relationship and get to know each other even better. The two of them hardly wait to arrive at the place and investigate the villa where they will stay, since the owner has decorated that place in a romantic style because of the holiday.

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