World of Magic

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Maybe we don\'t know much about the fairies and their world of magic but this game will reveal you a lot of aspects of their existence. You will meet so many fairies which mean that this would be a really special event for you, but not just for you, for the fairies too. They wait for this happening the whole year, so it must be something special.First of all meet Elva. She is a fairy that lives in a magical fairy village. This village is a very special place and Elva has a special task too. She is a protector of the nature of that place, so she keeps this fairy village in highest secrecy. Elva likes to keep the village special and it can be visited only with a certain purpose, like today\'s occasion.Today is a very special day, mostly for the fairies. Elva will have special guests at her place – the other fairies from all around the world will come on the traditional fairy gathering. That means that the special fairy village will gather together many kinds of fairies that will discuss something about the incredible world of magic. Elva has a task in front of her, to find all the necessary objects for this gathering, before the arrival of the other fairies.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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