Mystical Objects

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People are prepared to do everything in order to make something good for their loved ones, especially if they are sick or are in some kind of trouble. Sometimes they can make things they didn\'t believe they can, like walk far distanes, move boundaries or search for something that is hidden... Sophia arrives at the magical castle where are hidden very interesting, mysterious and magical objects. She is here with one purpose - to find the small pyramids tha emit energy. No, she doesn\'t go for superpowers or something like that, she is there to find a remedy for her sister who is very sick. There are stories that those tiny piramids have the needed power and Sophia is desperate so she will do anything for her sister. The situation is very serious, so let\'s help Sophia in her mission. Let\'s visit the mystical castle together with her and find those pyramids. No matter if they are really worth searching, the hope is very important for Sophia in this moments when she things that she doesn\'t have any other choice.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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