Catching a Thief

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Well the thieves don\'t choose too much sometimes. Maybe the bigger criminals wait for the perfect robbery their whole life, looking for an opportunity that will give them a huge amount of money or other wealth but sometimes stealing is just about getting some primary goods.That\'s why there are numerous bazaar thieves since always that steal some small goods and products. Maybe they don\'t cost that much as the money stolen from a huge bank for example but the damage is still big. And yes, the effort given for catching those small criminals is still big since they also know how to hide themselves good.Elise for example is the bazaar manager of Lyon where lately there are numerous reports of missing food supplies and other products from the old bazaar. She has been summoned here today to investigate and find the thief that steals from the community. Who knows who is responsible for that. Maybe the thieves come from outside but maybe they are some people who actually work here. Let\'s find them and see what is happening here.

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