The Golden Land

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Finding a huge amount of gold was definitely one of the biggest wishes for everyone in the wild west. The fact that this gold was very hard to find, made the excitement even bigger. Also people lose their lives on their way for finding gold because all the people that are like that gold could not always be good people. Sometimes it\'s about people that could even kill for money...But imagine a place that offers enough gold for everyone. So much gold everywhere! Well there is a story about that kind of a place, the Golden Land. The cowboys Helen and Eric, together with the Indian Adahy, arrive in the small city names Alberley. This place is known as a huge find for gold.Since it is about a place where gold can be found in every corner, the place is called Golden Land. Maybe it is just a myth but maybe it is truth, so those three would like to find out that truth. The search for gold may begin, so let\'s take part in this interesting adventure and spend some time with real cowboys and an Indian.

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