Castle of Delusion

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When people live their regular lives, they are usually stressed about some things that happen to them every day. However, when something big and truly serious comes out, they usually forget about those everyday things. They become minor, compared to, if we may say, the \"real problems.\" In the kingdom where the knight Ronald lives, appeared deadly disease. All people who live there are concerned for their lives, and they look for ways how to avoid this disease. However, it seems that leaving the place where they live will be the only chance to avoid this disease which seems to be very contagious. The knight Ronals and his wife Melisa have decided to do the same - to escape from the kingdom. Their friends and relatives feel the same and now, all of them are leaving the kingdom. They are all scared for their lives and are looking for a new living place. The crew gets to an abandoned castle which seems to be their hope for a new home, or maybe not... It looks all right, but there is something suspicious about this place...

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