Carnival of Secrets

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It is very difficult when a person cannot fall asleep. Yes, sleeping can be taken as the simplest thing in the world, something you do every day, but that\'s why things become especially difficult when we\'re sleepless. We cannot perform our daily tasks, and it becomes difficult for us to do anything. Circus performer Olivia has a big problem that keeps her away from sleep. No, she doesn\'t have all kinds of thoughts that don\'t let her sleep, but the reason she doesn\'t sleep is a little more realistic, or unrealistic... She can\'t sleep in her tent for several nights in a row and the reason for that is the ghost who appears in the tent and tries to expel her from there. And this tent is Olivia\'s home because her job is such that she has to sleep in the tent. More time passes and Olivia can\'t stand it anymore and so she calls Julie, the woman who can communicate with ghosts. She knows how to deal with situations like this, and Olivia needs someone to get her out of this agony. Let\'s help Olivia.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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