Magic Diary

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Different people have different problems and preoccupations, right? And some people\'s interests are so strange that we can\'t even imagine that someone is interested in that topic, like our Virginia. Though the places she has been to, are so beautiful, just because they are not that typical. It is the same with the things she does, but let\'s start from the beginning. Virginia arrives in the magical land. Here are hidden the most precious objects and the biggest secrets of magic and Virginia is looking for them. While looking for those objects, Virginia finds the magic diary, a diary that is full of riddles which are a condition for finding the precious objects. This girl realizes that she will have to solve all the riddles from the magic diary if she likes to find the objects. That sounds like a very big challenge, but Virginia is prepared to take that challenge and try herself in solving the riddles.We can help Virginia by visiting this magic land and solving some of the riddles. Let\'s start.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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