Cursed Property

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Some people like to stay more at home because they feel safe there. On the other hand, there are people who are hard to settle down and they always like to go from one place to another, no matter if it’s about moving from one place to another or simply traveling and discovering new places and beauties.Gloria is definitely one of those who are always prepared for adventure and she loves seeing new things. This time Gloria has been traveling through her grandfather’s village for two days already. Yes, simply like that; she travels like a lonely traveler and every night she looks for a new place where she could spend the night. The following day, she continues her journey and when the night falls, she sleeps in another place and so on.This night Gloria arrives in some property and she hopes that the owners of this property will let her spend the night there. Her courage is fascinating but it doesn’t provide her security. This time things didn’t end up as Gloria expected because suddenly strange things started happening…

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