Nightmare Rules

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Nicole has read numerous books in her life, books on different topics. Between those books, there was one book that seemed interesting to her, but she believed that it is about a book that serves only for fun, something like horror literature... She never thought that this book will be her guide for getting away from one seriously threatening situation. Even she can\'t believe what is happening to her at the moment but she has to find a way out. Nicole is lost in her nightmare and she can\'t escape from there, she can\'t stop dreaming. The borders between her dreams and what is real are completely mixed up. She knows that she dreams, but since she can\'t get away from there, she starts believing that this nightmare is actually real! At one moment, Nicole remembers that a few years ago she was reading this book where she found written the rules of behaving when you find yourself in a scary nightmare. Yes, that was the book she thought that it was just an entertaining book, but now these rules seem to be the only way out.

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