Enchanted Forest

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To thrive in life, every person has to pass certain challenges and tests. Those obstacles are not always formal, but they sure act like \"stairs\" that need to be climbed. This game is about the challenges of the young sorceress Margaret who is about to pass the last examination for becoming a really good sorceress. She, together with her father, the wizard Anthony, comes to the enchanted forest. This is the place where she will take the final exam and she will prove her skills to her father. This way Margaret will prove that she is a great sorceress and she can become an equal member of the great wizards\' society. You may imagine how exciting this will be for the young sorceress. She likes to become a member of this society very much, and she hopes that she will do her best. Let\'s see what will happen in the enchanted forest. We believe that Margaret will be great in her mission, but let\'s stand for her if she needs some help from us. That way she will be even more confident and she will get even better results.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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