Real Ghosts

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Numerous ghost stories around us. Ghosts are something that scares people since forever! And even though there are so many stories, there are no proofs that ghosts really exist. Maybe there are some some witnesses of those paranormal sights and happenings but still, ghosts are not an everyday thing, not something that we expect to meet around us often.And that ghosts are not something that appears often could admit the two detectives Susan and Daniel. Those two, even though they have worked on numerous cases, they have never seen a real ghost. Yes,you\'ve heard right. All those cases were fake. Sometimes the owners of the houses see something that actually doesn\'t exist, something that is just a part of their imagination or there is some wicked person who is trying to scare them, pretending like he is a ghost.However, there is first time for everything so this night Susan and Daniel will have the chance to meet real ghosts. Actually it was proven that there are real ghosts in this house, so their task is to find them and find a way how to get rid of them.

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