First Paranormal Case

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Afterlife, do you believe in that phenomena? A lot of people are convinced that everything they do in this life, could have an influence on their afterlife – the life that comes after this life, of to be more precise, the life that comes after the death. Those believes are usually related to religion or certain philosophic interpretations of life. However, there are numerous contradictions on this topic since there are also a lot of people that believe in science and afterlife is something completely unthinkable for them.Ashley and Daniel are one of those persons who are fascinated by the thought that there could be afterlife. They explore this phenomenon for many years, but this night they are in a situation when they will face real ghosts for the first time. For this occasion, they have called the psychic woman Linda, a woman that has a power to communicate with ghosts.This would be the first paranormal case in the lives of Ashley and Daniel, so they feel really excited about it. Let’s see what is it this case about and help them solve the mystery.

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