Masters of Illusions

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Meet Mary, Daniel and Linda. Those three people have a very extraordinary and very interesting profession. It’s about something that maybe sounds completely impossible for us, but they have dedicated their whole life to this. Namely, Mary, Daniel and Linda work as illusionists. You know, those magicians that do illusions as by sleight of hand? Well yes, Mary, Daniel and Linda do that.Once in a week they have their own show in the circus. Today, in few hours, should begin the show of those magicians. However, they have one small problem that needs to be solved before everything starts. The objects they need for the tonight’s show are lost and they have to find those objects if they like to start the show. it would be nice if we could help the three illusionists find the needed objects because if they don’t perform their show, the audience will be very disappointed and sad.Let’s help Mary, Daniel and Linda find the needed objects and after that, we will also have the chance to enjoy this incredible show.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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