Bake and Decorate

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It has been 40 years already since Ruth married her beloved husband Gregory. No one could deny the fact that it is about a very long period of time but during that time they have been very happy together. They love and respect each other like the first day and they really cherish their own love.Today is the exact day of Ruth and Gregory\'s 40th anniversary of marriage. On that occasion, Ruth likes to make a small surprise for her husband, by making his favorite cake. Ruth is a very experienced cooker but now she will need some help from us.First we will make the cake by combining all the needed ingredients and after that, it is time for decorating the cake. Let\'s unite our cooking skills and prepare the tastiest cake. Ruth will appreciate our help while Gregory will definitely be surprised and happy at the same time because Ruth has paid so much attention to the anniversary, making it another day to remember. Happy anniversary Ruth and Gregory! We wish you many more days like this.

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