Thieves and Detectives

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Many factors influence when we choose where we will live - location, finances, distance to work, school, relatives, and friends, and unfortunately we can never have everything. Still, we choose what seems the most suitable for us at the moment. Hence, sometimes it can be a not-so-peaceful neighborhood, but if the rest of the things suit us, we move there. Detective Paul and policewoman Donna arrive in one of the most notorious neighborhoods in the city. In this neighborhood, thefts often happen, and Paul has been trying for several months to find enough evidence to arrest the gang of thieves who fear the peaceful residents who live there. One such theft happened this evening, so now Paul and Donna are there to investigate what happened there. You will work here very seriously, to obtain enough evidence to solve the case. Let\'s join the investigation and help them find the culprit for the thefts, with the hope that the long-standing crime can be put to an end.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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