Son of Light

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To explore the history and go deep into the ground means to be an archaeologist. It means you love so much to go further, to investigate what actually happened centuries and millennia ago. Archaeologists are like small children - they are the happiest persons when they discover something tremendous. Even if it is not some great discovery at least for people that don\'t understand that science.In today game we are introducing you with a person who adores the time of the Egyptian history and rich era of pharaohs, pyramids, goddesses. He has spent whole his professional time investigating the greatest stories of this civilization.Richard is an archaeologist who is in love with the Egyptian mythology. He wants to find out more about the pharaoh Ramses who was called Son of light. Richard begins the investigation by himself. During the investigation he finds Egyptian riddles. He has to solve them if he wants to go on with the investigation. Here you come on board and you can help this scientists. For a Monday game it is time for some mental gymnastics, isn\'t it?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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