Perfect Hideaway

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If we consider how intense way of life most of us have, having a place where we could escape just for a moment, seems to be the perfect choice. And it doesn\'t matter that much how does that place look like or where is it located,as long as it is quiet and far from all the responsibilities including everything that makes us tense.Karen has her own perfect spot where she could go and escape from the city noise together with the everyday responsibilities at work. That is her mountain house, a wonderful place that she loves so much. However, lately, Karen doesn\'t come in the house that often because of her job so today she is very happy that she managed to get some free time and get to the mountain house where she will spend a wonderful weekend in nature and silence.But if we have in my mind that she hasn\'t visited the house for a while, first thing she should do is to clean up the place, so she should definitely need some help. Let\'s help Karen clean the house so she could have more time for enjoy.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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