Danger Recipe

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Cases of poisoning occur even in the best restaurants. A small act of carelessness can go a long way, but it must be recorded as soon as possible so that measures can be taken to prevent further spread. There is one very famous restaurant in the center of the city. Many people come to that restaurant and everything functioned great so far, but one incident changed things. Namely, many of the guests of the restaurant, looked for medical help, a few days after their meal at the restaurant. The situation is suspicious so the owner of the restaurant called detectives to find out what is going on. The detectives, Eric and Shirley, come to the restaurant, to work on the case. They are here, collecting evidence that will lead them to something. Let\'s search the whole restaurant together with our detectives and try to find out something that will lead them to solve the case. What was that that led the guests to the hospital? Were they poisoned on purpose, or something simply went wrong? That is something that the investigation will show, so let\'s follow the steps of our detectives and see what will happen next.

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