The Impossible Journey

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There\'s no better way to start the week off than to break ground into new territory or experiences you\'ve never had before. Part of the fun of adventures is how you don\'t know what the outcome will be. That\'s not something you get from things you know really well.Julie is an enthusiastic young adventurer who believes that big part of any adventure is in the novelty of the experience. She spent several months traveling through Canada, U.S. and South America in a journey to explore how beautiful our planet is. At the moment Julie is taking one of her toughest trips. She follows her journey and gets lost in the dense jungles of Amazon. The Amazon represents over half of the planet\'s remaining rain forests, and comprises the largest and most biodiversive tract of tropical rain forest in the world.But was this experience really adventurous or an odd mixture of fear and excitement? It turns out that this is an impossible journey for Julie and she must find a way out of this jungle. Let\'s help her find a way back to civilization.

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