Spirits of Shadowdale

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Cemeteries are not that pleasant places, that is something we all know. On one side, in the cemetery, we send and say goodbye to our deceased relatives and friends, but on the other hand, there are so many stories that talk about a series of strange incidents that happen in this place. Even if these stories are not true, the feeling remains unpleasant and sometimes brings fear into us.It is like that in our case too. The village of Shadowdale is known for its eerie atmosphere, as it is located near a sprawling cemetery that has been in use for centuries. And it seems that the strange happenings are not just stories in this case. As a matter of fact, strange occurrences have been reported by the villagers, and many believe that the spirits of the dead are trapped in the village, unable to move on. It seems that Ema and Jack are the only persons in the village who can help in this situation. It\'s up to them to lift the curse and save the village from the darkness, once and for all.

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