Collecting Goods

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Stephanie and her brother Nicholas are passionate collectors of old and rare objects. They are always looking for places where they can find something interesting for their collections, visit exhibitions, and travel all around the country when they hear that somewhere, there might be something rare and valuable. Some people can\'t understand their passion, they can\'t see anything valuable in something old, and sometimes even damaged, but the brother and the sister are really into the history and history of art, so they are informed very well, and they really know what has big value.This time, Stephanie and Nicholas, are on their way to visit one old and abandoned house. The house is almost ruined but they believe that here, they will find many rare objects for their collection. Now, let\'s s help the young collectors in their search mission. Let\'s search around the whole house and try to find something that will be useful for them. They like to find something rare and interesting, but valuable at the same time.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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