Family Tradition

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Tradition is something that everyone should appreciate a lot. In a time when everything unifies, keeping the tradition seems to be the only way to maintain our uniqueness, as individuals but also as nationalities. Lori for example, cherishes the tradition. She, together with her family, have a secret picnic place where they go very often.As a matter of fact, Lori knows this place since she was very young and was still living with her parents. They were coming at this place on regular basis and enjoyed the beauties of the amazing nature. Now, Lori is very happy, but also very pride, that she has transferred this tradition to her children.Her new family can also enjoy in the nature and build numerous wonderful moments together. Those picnics are something that they will remembers for a long time and Lori hopes that they will continue the same tradition by coming at the same place when they will grow up and have families. Let\'s see what is so special about this place and enjoy the picnic.

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