Secret Emperor

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From time to time we hear stories about certain rulers that ruled all through the history, behind the mask of a certain other person that seem to be more representative than the actual ruler. Something like the wizard of Oz who was actually a small older man that hided himself behind various images, appearing in a different form.Once appeared as a giant head, once as a beautiful fairy, once as a ball of fire, and once as a terrible monster. All those images supposedly guarantee a greater power and wake up fear in people, but not the image of an old man.There are also stories that many years ago there was a secret emperor that ruled with China. He lived hidden in a certain place while another man was showing in public as an emperor. The sisters Liu and Huan arrive in one small mountain city, in the north part of China, looking for certain proofs about the secret emperor of China who supposedly lived here. The sisters have information that the real emperor was hidden and protected, while the person who was known by everyone was only set to act like an emperor.

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