Perfect Friendship

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For two young people the decision for moving in together and after that the decision to get married are one of the most important things in life. That means that two persons have decided to build common future, letting the other to become an important part of his/her own life. But another very important things in life is buying a place to live. Whether it is a house or an apartment, the excitement is enormous.And every couple dreams about the perfect arrangement of the place, no matter how big it is. A perfect arrangement of things would mean a perfect every day, an excellent surroundings where everything will function just great. However, before this thing comes on the list, first it is time for moving in – a procedure that asks for a lot of energy.Just imagine how many furniture, how many things from household are needed for making an empty apartment a place for living. Dorothy and Paul are young married couple that has just bought an apartment in one of the best suburbs in the city. They have called their friends for help for the moving in and for cleaning the whole space.

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