Castle Shadow

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The knight Daniel, together with his two sisters, Donna and Michelle, has an important task that needs to be done. They have to get to the king\'s castle because they have important news for the royal family. And it\'s not like today, send an email or text a message. There are stories about carrier pigeons, but we can\'t be sure that they were so capable of doing some royal tasks, right?Those days people had to travel from one point to another, to transfer messages. On their way, they get to one castle that seems to be abandoned. They decide it will be a great place to rest and spend the night before they continue their trip. But, we are all aware that very often things are not as they seem to be at first sight... Let\'s see what or who will welcome Daniel, Donna, and Michelle in this abandoned castle. Maybe they will also need some help while they are on their trip, so let\'s be there for them and make sure they manage to transfer the important message to the king.

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