Estate Agents

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Selling is a profession that asks for a lot of skills. Actually, you have to have a talent for that since the art of persuasion seems can\'t be trained that easily. On the other hand, our three characters, Betty, Charles, and Emily, are real professionals. They are true artists in their profession. They are the new estate agents in the best real estate agency in the town. Today, they have a task to go around all the real estate for selling. The agents have to make sure that everything is perfect. When the interested costumers will come to see the real estate, everything needs to be just fine. Betty, Charles, and Emily don\'t like to leave anything by chance. They check out everything, trying to take care of everything that may deter potential buyers. Let\'s see, how a day in the life of real estate agents looks like. Maybe we will learn something from them, but we can surely help them to make sure everything looks perfect in front of the customers. Moreover, maybe we will make our first sale, don\'t we?

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