Capture Nature

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Meet Dorothy, a girl that has a really interesting and exciting profession. This girl is a passionate photographer that lives from selling her photos. Dorothy often goes on unusual places, to find a perfect spot for taking photos. Actually, she is really famous in the world of the photographers and easily recognized by her unique style so everyone appreciates her work a lot.Today, Dorothy has decided to visit one mountain that is located on the south part of the land. She would like to take photos of some fascinating parts of the nature there, but she didn\'t expect that something like this would happen. Namely, carried away by her passion and the process of taking photos, Dorothy didn\'t notice that her undeveloped films fall out of the backpack. That means that everything she has worked on is now somewhere in the mountain and maybe no one will find it after her.Let\'s help Dorothy find the films before it becomes to dark to see. She will be really thankful if we make her job easier and who knows, maybe those photos will be the best photos mande by this talented photograph.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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