City Of Ghosts

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Dorothy and her sister live far from each other, about 12 hours driving with a car on the highway. This could be a problem sometimes when they want to see each other and they like to do that often. One of them should dedicate one whole day to driving and it takes even more if the weather is not good, if there is heavy rain or snow. But on the other hand, both of them have a will to do that, so they have learned how to spare their energy and plan their time so they could get to the aim and be together more often.Today Dorothy is on her way to her sister\'s home. While she was driving, she decided that it will be better if she takes a rest from the trip. She opens the map and finds out one small city that is located halfway to her sister. But there is one thing that she doesn\'t know. This small city has been abandoned many years ago because it is full of ghosts! It seems that she will find out this personally when she will enter into the city. Let\'s hope that she will be able to deal with the strange hosts of this city.

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