The Sacred Temple

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Mary, Linda and Robert are explorers of mystical places and events.They arrive in the whollt castle.It is believed that it is full of mystical energy that helps sick people be healed and healthy again. They would like to explore the castle and to collect as much as possible objects so later on they could examine them and to see what kind of energy we are talking about.There is this saying which is so important - healthy people have soo many wishes, unlike sick people who have only one wish - and that is to be healthy again. You can\'t understand that philosophy until you enter such a situation. Than you only think of good things.You don\'t think of money, of wealth, of treasure, he thinks of being on two feets again and be happy with family and friends. Now, knowing this we are sure you will love to help Mary, Linda and Robert find the best ingredients that will return sick people their health.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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